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 Dorchester Door And Window   Drop Dorchester Door Set Mural Cm With Roses

Dorchester Door And Window Drop Dorchester Door Set Mural Cm With Roses

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As noun

a town in S Dorsetshire, in S England, on the Frome River: named Casterbridge in Thomas Hardy's novels


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Contemporary Examples

We met at the Dorchester Hotel, for what I expected would be a question and answer interview

My Moments With Ariel Sharon Seth Lipsky January ,

Wahlberg grew up the youngest of nine children in a broken home in the rough Dorchester section of Boston

Mark Wahlberg’s Pardon Plea: A Look Back At His Troubling, Violent, and Racist Rap Sheet Marlow Stern December ,

Whenever she was in London—staying always at the Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane—she would make time to see them

I Sat on Elizabeth Taylor's Knee John Barry March ,

“Meet me for breakfast at the Dorchester Hotel next Thursday in London,” he said

The Private David Frost John M

Florescu September ,

The Boston Police Department misreported an attack on the JFK Library in Dorchester

Boston Marathon Bombing Media Errors Pile Up, as Does the Outrage Michael Moynihan April ,

Historical Examples

Washington now decided to fortify and occupy Dorchester Heights, which would command the city and in a large degree the harbor

The Greater Republic Charles Morris

They were to drive over to Dorchester that night, so presently they started

A Little Girl in Old Boston Amanda Millie Douglas

But Washington's purpose, to "divert the attention" of the British from Dorchester, was fulfilled

The Siege of Boston Allen French

At Dorchester more than three hundred prisoners were to be tried

Roger Willoughby William H



We dined early, and then started for Dorchester, which we reached at half-past ten, after a most fatiguing journey

Records of a Girlhood Frances Ann Kemble

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As noun

a town in S England, administrative centre of Dorset: associated with Thomas Hardy, esp as the Casterbridge of his novels

Pop: () Latin name Durnovaria (ˌdjʊənəʊˈveɪrɪə)

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Beautiful Dorchester Door And Window   Dorchester Door U0026 Window

Beautiful Dorchester Door And Window Dorchester Door U0026 Window

 Dorchester Door And Window   Care Home Murals

Dorchester Door And Window Care Home Murals

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